Eating doesn't have to feel so complicated

Nutrition counseling can help you find an approach to food without the guilt, shame, and food rules.

Stop sifting through all of the contradictory nutrition advice and focus on a way of eating that allows you to enjoy your life

nutrition counseling alaska

I'm a dietitian who believes...

  • food doesn't have to be about counting
  • all foods fit (seriously)
  • you can enjoy food AND nourish your body without cutting out foods that you love
  • there is more to your health than the number on the scale

Trying to get control of your food has been causing you MORE stress, and it's getting in the way of enjoying a full life.

You deserve to savor your meals without the weight of guilt!

It's time to break free from food rules so you can embrace a healthier relationship with food and rediscover the joy of eating.

Weight Inclusive & Non-diet Nutrition Counseling

A collaborative experience focused on helping you tune into your body's needs, challenging your perspectives around food, and helping you build a foundation for nourishing self care without restriction.

I can help with...

  • Eating disorder recovery
  • Disordered eating
  • Blood sugar management
  • Intuitive Eating

Ready to take the next step to a more nourished version of YOU?

Nutrition counseling can help you learn to approach food through holistic, science-backed guidance that will enrich your overall well-being.

Picture an experience where you rediscover sustainable, enjoyable, and empowering ways to nourish your unique self.

You'll learn skills to attune to your body's signals, empowering you to make thoughtful and flexible choices about your food.

During our work together, you can count on my unwavering support, filled with compassion and positivity, every step of the way.

nutrition counseling alaska

What my clients are saying

Nutrition counseling changed my world.

I went in with the plan to lose weight & learn how to "control myself."

I came out with a fuller understanding of the psychology behind when and what I eat.

Fear of letting go of shame & guilt made me resistant; however, I was so miserable and I knew that dieting was not going to work for me (because it never had). Thus, I let go and listened.

I stopped binge eating.

I stopped hiding my eating.

I finally let go of the shame & guilt.

I am on a different journey now, but Katherine helped me find joy in food and life.

Nutrition Client

Nutrition counseling was a complete life changing experience for me.

I went from feeling compelled to track every single bite of food I ate to being able to eat in a more intuitive way. I would never have been able to make that transition without professional help.

I was so very nervous to start nutrition work, but Katherine was so incredibly kind and easy to talk to.

While the work itself can be challenging, I really felt like I had a teammate who wanted the best for me and was willing to help in any way possible. I felt like I could be open about all my fears and worries and knew there would be no judgement, only compassion, reassurance, and a plan to move past them.

I was able to challenge lots of different fear foods, was able to talk through my fears and get evidence based responses, and was also able to get help navigating nutrition through a pregnancy.

Nutrition Client

Since I was a teenager I have always been on some sort of diet. I had developed such a negative head space about diets, weight, body image, etc. I had this light bulb moment where I realized the yo-yo dieting was never going to change unless I tried something different. I wanted to find a new approach to eating.

My experience over the last year has been life changing. Katherine's approach is non threatening and always supportive. Over time, the negative body image and thoughts went away, and I'm always mindful of those trying to creep back in. I can eat without guilt. I have tossed out my scale. I'm happier. 

Nutrition Client

What will you get out of nutrition counseling?

Individualized guidance

A nutrition approach that is both collaborative and tailored to your individualized needs and goals. We'll go beyond one-size-fits all approaches and talk about variety, balance, and foods you enjoy, promoting sustainable and nourishing eating habits.

Mindful & intuitive eating

Learn skills in intuitive eating that reconnects you with your body's innate wisdom. You'll be guided to recognize hunger and fullness signals, understand your cravings, and choose foods that genuinely satisfy you, promoting a more harmonious approach to eating.

Practical nutrition education

You'll learn practical and scienced backed knowledge about nutrition, mindfulness, food psychology, and self-empowerment. You'll be equipped to make choices that nurture your health and happiness over the long term.

Empowering support

This is a no - judgment space. At our regular check-ins we'll discuss your goals, explore challenges, and brainstorm problem-solving strategies. You will never be judged for your challenges with food.

How it works

Fill out the nutrition inquiry form

Let's get on the same page about your goals so that you can be sure I'm the best fit for you. 

Complete onboarding forms

The initial forms will review any information I need to know about you to start our work together. 

Attend the initial session

The initial session is 60-70 minutes (virtual or in-person). We'll go over your health and nutrition history, challenges, and goals to explore where to start.

Attend follow up sessions

Follow up sessions are 55 minutes (virtual or in-person). After the initial session, we'll schedule regular check ins to discuss your progress, obstacles, and strategize what is and isn't working.

Frequently Asked Questions

A healthier relationship with food is possible - and you don't have to do it alone.

katherine sweetman dietitian nutritionist alaska

Hi, I'm Katherine

I'm a Registered Dietitian, a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. 

I work with my clients to empower them to ditch diet culture, heal from disordered eating, and to develop an approach to health without a focus on the number on the scale. I believe that each person deserves the opportunity to experience food without guilt, shame, or the pursuit of the perfection. Food can be complicated - let's figure it out together.

Reroot Nutrition LLC offers individual nutrition counseling services in person in Anchorage, Alaska and virtually throughout the state of Alaska.